More efficient way to manage 3D Printing With Ultimaker App

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Cura Connect makes it easier to manage one or multiple 3D printers. Monitor print progress, queue multiple print jobs, and keep track of maintenance tasks – all you need is one or more network-connected Ultimaker 3D printer and Ultimaker Cura.

Ultimaker App

You can now control your Ultimaker 3D printers with a few taps from your phone or tablet when you’re on the same local network, and get notifications wherever you are so you always stay updated on your print’s progress.

The Ultimaker app is available free on Android and iOS from May 15, 2018, and works with Ultimaker S5 and Ultimaker 3 3D printers.

Download Ultimaker App  Here

Cura Connect

Maximize uptime and ROI

With a flexible, centralized queuing system, there’s no more time wasted starting the next print. Simply prepare your prints in Ultimaker Cura, schedule them to print and pick them up when they’re done.

Scale your 3D printing workfl ow

Cura Connect enables you to group multiple printers into a single production workflow, or create several groups for different teams or tasks. Ideal for managing 3D printers in an office or studio.

All in one place

Monitor print progress and manage all your 3D printers from your desktop. Cura Connect even keeps track of maintenance tasks, helping you keep your hardware in top condition.

Easy to set up

No server, no extra software, no complicated setup. Cura Connect is powered by your Ultimaker 3 or Ultimaker S5 and runs in your web browser, so as long as your firmware is up to date it is ready to go. Click.

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