Voltivo ExcelFil Tech Filaments

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ExcelFil TECH Metal and Wood PLA Filaments for 3D Printing
Diameter : 2.85 mm.
Weight : 500 g. (excl. plastic spool)

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ExcelFil™ TECH – Metal and Wood Composite 3D Printing Filaments

ExcelFil TECH Metal and Wood Composite’s formulations have been carefully balanced to print on any standard printer even without heat-bed or stainless steel nozzle upgrades required.

Unlike some filaments out there, our composite metal and wood particles have been carefully milled to ensure that they are safe to print at nozzle diameters down to 0.35mm.

ExcelFil TECH Composites comes in a variety of special material choices for advanced prototyping, architecture, hobby or art projects:

  • Copper composite
  • Aluminium composite
  • Bronze composite
  • Wood composite


TypesCopper, Aluminium,
Bronze, Wood Composite
or Flexible Thermoplastic
Composite Ratiosca. 30% milled Metal, Wood powders with a Polymer Binder
Diameter Accuracy2.85mm ±0.03mm or 1.75mm ±0.03mm
Roundness Accuracy±0.03mm
Optimal Print TemperatureYou can find specific, tested temperatures for all materials and colors in our Support Database
Spool DimensionsOuter Diameter: 196mm, Spool Hub Diameter: 56mm, Width: 48mm
PackagingVacuum-sealed with a sachet of desiccant
Ships inRugged cardboard protective shipping box
Box Size210mm x 210mm x 55mm
Material Net Weight500g ±20g (1.10lb ±0.05lb)