3DPrinterOS Cloud 3D Printer Management

Cloud 3D Printer Management Platform – Managing your 3D printers Farm the better way.

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3D Printer Management

The compelete End to End platform for 3D printing
Fast to deploy, uniquely easy to use


3DPrinterOS Cloud 3D Printers management software - File Viewer

3D Printing Management

Manage users and files, fix, securely store, and stream 3D Designs to 3D printers. Our system is SSO Compatible and has passed independent security checks. No more Excel sheets for queue management

Data Tracking & Analytics

Track, Monitor and audit every part of the additive manufacturing process with our reporting tools. Use reports to bill users, anaylze trends and save money and time.

3DPrinterOS Cloud 3D Printers management software - World Map View

Manage Designs
Your students, users and staff can create design libraries and share files and projects with ease.

Make Printing Easy
We offer powerful visualization tools for every stage of the iteration process, so you can edit and print successfully.

Fix and Distribute
Repair designs using Magic Fix, Netfabb and Autodesk Mesh Repair then send files for printing anywhere in your network.

Centralized Platform
Unify workflows for all printers, staff and students with a single platform.

Equitable Access
Create queuing or print permissions for workgroups with data tracking and share access to printers network wide.

Give Admins Power
Once a user submits a print request, admins may review settings and contract user for changes at any point in the work flow

3DPrinterOS Cloud 3D Printers management software - Report

Smart Printing
Monitor success rates, job id’s, individual filament usage, printing hours and much more. Analyze trends and control costs like never before.

Intelligent Timeline
Track print jobs through their lifecycle, including all revisions and user comments.

Make 3D Printers Accessible
Workgroup codes, make it simple to cluster, network and distribute access to your 3d printers. Whether you have 1 user or 100+, you can easily create workgroup codes that can be shared out to specific groups network wide.

– Create additional admins for your network who can monitor and control access.
– Report on users printing time, filament used, usage history and success rates over time.
– Admins can restart prints with a single click and see a full audit trail of all file details.
– Combine printers from different OEM’s to standarize access portals.
– Communicate with students in real-time with our In-App messenger.

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Secure and access your printers and files from anywhereManage multiple machines, users and create job queuesCore data tracking and sharing capabilities. Advanced customization and reportingComplete workflow for managing users, files and machines across your business
FreeTHB 7,900 / Year / UserContact UsContact Us
Upload and Print GcodesFree Features +Premium features +Educational features +
Gcode and Toolpath ViewingPrinter Sharing and PermissionsAdvanced User and Machine ReportsCustomize AM Workflows
Remote MonitoringFile/Project Sharing and PermissionsExport Report DataIndustrial Machine Support
Forum SupportPrint QueuingSingle Sign On SupportCustom APIs
Live Platform SupportWorkgroup CreationPrivate Cloud
Design Tool IntegrationSuccess Manager
Live Platform SupportMonthly Check-Ins
24/7 Phone and Platform Support
Every Plan Includes:
– STL Editing
– Version Control Files and Projects
– Animated GIFs of Completed Prints
– Cloud Slicing
– Granular Permissions