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Introducing H13 Tool Steel for Metal X

What is H13 Tool Steel?
H13 is a hot-work tool steel, meaning it holds its strength and hardness up to a higher working temperature than most tool steels.

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In the spotlight: Jorge Valle, 3D artist and product designer

ในบรรดาลูกค้าของ Ultimaker ที่มีทั้งวิศวกร นักเรียน นักออกแบบ และศิลปิน Jorge Valle ถือว่าเป็นหนึ่งในบุคคลที่ทำคลิปรีวิวการใช้เครื่องพิมพ์ 3 มิติ…

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The five key 3D printing applications

Integrating a desktop 3D printer into your workflow can yield impressive results. Concepts and prototypes can be printed in a matter of hours…

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More efficient way to manage 3D Printing With Ultimaker App

Cura Connect makes it easier to manage one or multiple 3D printers. Monitor print progress, queue multiple print jobs, and keep track of maintenance tasks…

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Breakthrough MarkForged 3D Printer

Welcome to the first and only 3D printing system for amazing carbon fiber parts. Markforged empowers engineers and manufacturers…

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Ultimaker Partners with Global Chemical Companies

ULTIMAKER PARTNERS WITH GLOBAL CHEMICAL COMPANIES Collaboration Aims to Meet Growing Demand for Engineering Materials for Ultimaker 3D Printers…

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Ultimaker Firmware 4.3 Release notes

Mouse accessibility.​ To give greater accessibility to users with physical disabilities, a USB mousedevice can be hotplugged…

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Discover Ultimaker Cura 3.2

In this version of Ultimaker Cura, we have optimized the UI so that there is less strain on your GPU with backface culling, added new UI elements …

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[Photo Release] KIS International School Won Ultimaker Education Challenge APAC 2017

Bangkok – 31 January 2018 — Ultimaker together with Septillion company, leading 3D printing companies, announced and gave the prizes to the winners ….

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Which 3D printing supports to use: PLA, PVA or Breakaway

With the launch of Ultimaker’s Breakaway support material, there are now even more options for supporting your 3D prints….

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Updated! PreForm 2.14: Print Up to 30% Faster

Formlabs developed our own print preparation software, PreForm, to make the pre-print process for our desktop stereolithography (SLA) 3D printer, the Form 2…

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Create Your Own Color Resin with Formlabs’ New Color Kit

Dec. 5, 2017. we’re pleased to announce Color Kit, the first integrated color mixing solution for stereolithography 3D printing. Using Color Kit …

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